Terms and conditions


1.1. In order to use the features of the www.bill.me website (hereinafter referred to as the Website), you must consent to the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy (together hereinafter referred to as the Terms) and perform registration on the Website. Please get acquainted with the Terms before consenting. By clicking “I agree”, you give your consent to the Terms.


2.1. Access to the Website is provided by Bill.me LTD, a company registered in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland under registration No. 10926201, having its registered office at 85 Great Portland Street, London, England, W1W 7LT (hereinafter referred to as Bill.me).

2.2. The features provided on the Website may be used by persons that have concluded agreements with Bill.me (hereinafter each referred to as a Company) and by Customers of a Company that have consented to the Terms upon concluding an agreement with Bill.me in writing (hereinafter each referred to as a Customer). A Company provides consent to the Terms by concluding an agreement with Bill.me in writing.

2.3. The relationship between a Customer and a Company is regulated by the agreement concluded between the Customer and the Company.

2.4. The Website provides Companies access to sending invoices to Customers and monitoring invoice payment status. The Website provides Customers access to viewing and paying invoices issued by Companies via payment card (the features of the Website available to Companies and Customers hereinafter referred to as the Website Tools). Bill.me may at any time expand or restrict the Website Tools at its sole discretion.


3.1. The Website Tools may be used by registered Companies and Customers (hereinafter referred to as a User) only. A registered User is provided access to the User’s profile (hereinafter referred to as the Personal Office).

3.2. By registering on the Website and using the Website, a User confirms that they have provided accurate, comprehensive and true information about themselves, and undertakes to introduce relevant modifications if any possible data are changed, as well as to notify Bill.me about the necessity of making the relevant modifications, sending an e-mail to support@bill.me if the Website does not allow the User to perform the relevant changes themselves.

3.3. If the User has any questions or encounters any difficulties during registration, please contact our technical support service at support@bill.me.


4.1. In order to pay for services provided on the Website (hereinafter referred to as the Services), A Customer requires a payment card having a positive balance at the time of paying for the Services.

4.2. A Customer may register data on the Website for an unlimited number of payment cards (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro etc.).

4.3. A Customer may, at their sole discretion, disconnect payment cards previously registered on the Website, or provide data on additional payment cards.

4.4. Bill.me allows you to pay an invoice in the currency in which it was issued by the Company - service provider (including EUR, USD, GBP, MUR). If the invoice currency differs from the currency on your payment card account, the currency exchange operation takes place according to the issuing bank’s rate at the time of your payment.

4.5. A Customer may add any payment card registered on the Website to the Automatic Payment Service.

4.6. With the Automatic Payment Service, Bill.me will check whether unpaid invoices exist on a given date, and will perform payment if the amount necessary in order to make the relevant payment is available on the payment card account.

4.7. Bill.me cannot ensure payment if the amount necessary in order to make the relevant payment is not available on the payment card account. In such cases, a Customer will have to specify other personal payment card data or replenish the specified payment card account with additional funds.

4.8. A Customer may, upon their sole discretion, activate or disconnect the Automatic Payment Service in the Personal Office.

4.9. A Customer may specify their contact data (phone number) and subscribe to/unsubscribe from notifications about successful invoice payment on their mobile phone.

4.10. Bill.me does not enable payment refunds, including any applicable service fees. In matters concerning payment refunds, the Customer should contact and negotiate with the service provider directly.


5.1. In some cases, a Customer will be subject to a fee upon paying for Services on the Website.

5.2. The Service fee is calculated at a specific rate of each individual invoice. The rate of the Service fee is specified individually for each Company that provides Services. A Customer is provided timely access to information on a Company’s individual service fee in the Personal Office. Furthermore, a Customer may, upon receiving the invoice, get acquainted with the service fee applied to the relevant invoice.


6.1. The User may not disclose their user name and password. If the user loses or forgets the password, the User may restore it by clicking the "I forgot my password" link under the password prompt.

6.2. The User undertakes full liability for keeping safe their user name and password (including, but not limited to: use of licensed antivirus software, changing an initial password during the first login, regularly changing the password, using complicated combinations of letters and digits while selecting their password, not providing third parties with access to a computer or other device where the user name and password have been entered or saved) and is accountable for any actions or payments made using the Personal Office.

6.3. The User consents to their duty to immediately notify Bill.me about any case of unauthorised access to their Personal Office and/or any security breach, by sending an e-mail to support@bill.me. The User undertakes to, upon request, provide Bill.me with evidence of such unauthorised access. Bill.me is in no way liable for any losses sustained by the User if another person uses their user name and password incorrectly, or for unauthorised access to the User’s Personal Office, regardless of whether such incidents occur with or without the User’s consent.


7.1. The liability of Bill.me is limited to providing access to the Website in accordance with the Terms.

7.2. Bill.me is not liable for any relationship between a Customer and a Company, or for their potential claims against one another.

7.3. Bill.me is not liable for any losses sustained by a Customer or a Company if a payment has not been executed due to circumstances specified in clause 4.6.

7.4. A Customer is liable for the accuracy and completeness of data required for a payment, and for the availability of funds in order to execute the relevant payment.


8.1. Bill.me observes applicable requirements for the protection of personal data applicable to data obtained through the User’s visiting the Website and using the Website Tools. Bill.me treats seriously its duties related to the use of the User’s personal data, and uses, processes and transfers to third parties any personal data provided by the User in strict conformance to the Privacy Policy, which may be consulted here.


9.1. Bill.me is not liable for any failure to fulfil duties under the Terms or delays in fulfilment caused by force majeure, including, but not limited to natural disasters, war, unrest, strike, lockout, public communications network disruption, DDoS attacks or similar internet attacks.

9.2. During the effect of force majeure, operation of the Website is considered suspended, and an extension of the term of execution applies for a period of time equal to the duration of effect of the force majeure. Bill.me undertakes to apply every resource available and feasible in order to mitigate the effect of the force majeure, or else to seek a solution that would allow Bill.me to fulfil its obligation regardless of the force majeure.


10.1. If any part of the Terms becomes void or loses force in any manner, such term or condition is duly separated from other terms and conditions, which remain in full force in accordance with the applicable legislation. In such cases, the part deemed invalid or unenforceable is corrected in accordance with the applicable legislation in order to reflect the initial aims of Bill.me as closely as possible.


11.1. Bill.me reserves the right to amend the Terms for various reasons, including commercial reasons, if applicable legislation is amended, or for reasons related to servicing a Customer and/or a Company. The amended Terms will be made available on the Website, and a Customer will be duly notified about the amendments to the Terms by an informative announcement in their Personal Office.

11.2. If a Customer does not consent to an amendment to the Terms, the Customer may discontinue the use of the Website and the Website Tools.