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Introduction LTD and its group companies and affiliates (hereinafter – “” or “we”) understand that You are aware of and care about Your privacy, and we take that seriously. This Cookie Policy (hereinafter – “Policy”) describes policies and practices regarding our use of cookies on the website and its subdomains (hereinafter – “Website”). Throughout this Policy, “You” refers to a visitor of our Website.

Please be informed that we may update this Policy from time to time.

What are cookies?

In order for most websites to work properly, they need to collect certain basic information about their visitors. To this end, websites rely on cookies – small text files that are placed on visitors devices and stored by their internet browsers. Cookies contain basic information about Your use of the Website. Your browser sends these cookies back to our Website every time You revisit it, so it can recognise Your computer or mobile device.

Cookies perform various functions and generally contribute to making the experience of internet users smoother and more interactive. For example, cookies are used to save users’ preferences on the often-visited sites, to remember user ID, and to help navigating between pages more efficiently.

How do I manage my cookies?

You can manage Your cookie preferences manually. If You have agreed to the use of our cookies but change Your mind and wish to remove the cookies that our Website has placed with your browser, You can do this via Your browser settings. In order to do this, please follow Your browser instructions (usually found in the ‘Help’, ‘Tools’ or ‘Menu’ facility). However, please bear in mind that in case You decide not to accept the cookies, it may affect Your ability to enable the use of our Website’s features.

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