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    1.1. By using and/or visiting any section of the website www.bill.me (hereinafter: ‘Website’ or ‘Bill.me’) or by using a service provided by Website, you express your agreement with: Terms and Conditions and Policy of Confidentiality (hereinafter: ‘Conditions’). Before accepting Conditions, please read them carefully. In case, you do not agree to accept and henceforth comply with Conditions, please do not use the service and/or do not continue to use Website. Your further use of Website will be taken to signify your agreement with Conditions.


    2. PARTIES

    2.1. Services and information on Website is provided by the limited liability company Bill.me LTD.

    2.2. Website and services provided by Website can be used by a person who is an owner of real estate property and/or a tenant (henceforth: Payer) who receives receipts confirming the fact of completed payments for housing and utility services, in which the organization providing the services records: a) information about the payer, i.e., recipient of the housing and utility services; b) the amount of consumption of services; c) the rates, regulations of consumption and basis for calculation of payments; d) the amount of the payment; e) the period for which the amount was calculated; f) number of the personal account of the payer; g) the name of the recipient of the payment, its data and bank account specifications.

    2.3. Legal relations between Payer and organization providing utility services (hereinafter: ‘Management Company’) not covered by the present agreement are defined by the Management Agreement concluded between Payer and Management Company.

    2.4. Legal relations between the website Bill.me and Management Companies are defined by agreements concluded by the parties, where Website is the authorized provider of services related to housing and utility payments to the specific Management Company.


    3.1. Payer can settle a bill for housing and utility services provided by Management Company without registration on Website and without logging into Payer’s account (hereinafter: Personal Office).

    3.2. To access the archive of all submitted and payed bills and a wider range of the system’s functions, Payer must complete registration on Website, submitting the required information, and choose a password that henceforth will be used to log into Personal Office.

    3.3. Payer’s name and last name at the registration must correspond to the actual and correctly submitted name and last name.

    3.4. Payer confirms that, registering on the website, Payer provided accurate, complete and truthful information about himself/herself and undertakes to make all the necessary amendments in the data in case of any changes.

    3.5. In case Payer has any questions or encounters any difficulties while registering on the website, Payer can contact the support service by emailing at support@bill.me.


    4.1. To make payments for housing and utility bills, Payer must possess a bank card with a positive balance at the moment when payment to Management Company is being executed.

    4.2. Payer can register on Website the data of an unlimited number of personal payment cards (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard).

    4.3. Payer is at liberty to disable payment cards previously registered in the system of Website and/or submit the data of additional payment cards at any moment.

    4.4. Any of the payment cards registered on Website can be added to the service of Automatic Payments.

    4.5. To use the service of Automatic Payments, Payer must specify the date of the first payment; on the specified date Bill.me will check for any unpaid bills and make the payment, provided there are sufficient funds for execution of the payment available on the payment card account.

    4.6. Website cannot process the payment/execute the payment of housing and utility bills if there are not sufficient funds on the payment card account for making the payment. In this case Payer must submit the data of another personal payment card.

    4.7. Payer is at liberty to activate or disable the service of Automatic Payments in his/her Personal Office.

    4.8. Payer can register his/her contact data (telephone number) and subscribe to/unsubscribe from notifications of successful payments of bills sent to his/her mobile phone.


    5.1. Payer must not disclose/inform anyone (intentionally or by accident) about his/her username and password. In case Payer has misplaced or forgotten the data of his/her Personal Office, Payer can recover his/her password by clicking on the ‘Remind the password’ button after activating the link beneath the window for entering the system.

    5.2. Payer is fully responsible for protecting his/her personal password and responsible for any operations and transactions performed in Personal Office. Payer is likewise responsible for any damages suffered by Payer and caused by actions of any third parties.

    5.3. Payer agrees that he/she must immediately inform Website about any occasion of unauthorized access of his/her Personal Office and/or any breach of security. Payer agrees to provide Website with evidence of such unauthorized access on request. Website is not liable under any circumstances for any damages suffered by Payer as a result of incorrect use of the username and password by any third parties or for wrongful access of Personal Office, regardless of whether the access was authorized by Payer or carried out without his/her knowledge.


    6.1. The responsibility of Website is limited to accurate execution of payments in accordance with Conditions.

    6.2. Website is not responsible and liable for any relations between Payer and Management Company and any potential mutual demands or claims.

    6.3. Website is not liable for any damages suffered by Payer or Management Company if the payment is not executed due to reasons stated in 4.6 paragraph of the present Conditions.

    6.4. Payer is responsible for the correctness and completeness of data necessary for the execution of payment, as well as for availability of the funds necessary for the execution of payment.


    7.1. Website undertakes to comply with the requirements of data protection in the form in which Website uses any personal information collected during the Payer’s visit at the Website. Bill.me takes seriously its obligations regarding the use of Payer’s personal information and processes any personal information submitted by Payer in strict accordance with the Policy of Confidentiality.

    7.2. By providing information, Payer agrees with the right of Bill.me to process the personal data of Payer for purposes described in Conditions or purposes of Website, or to comply with its legal or normative obligations.

    7.3. Bill.me adheres to a policy of not disclosing personal information to any third parties, with the exception of employees and partners who need to access the data to provide the services offered by Website.


    8.1. Website is not liable in case of not performing or a delay of performing any of the obligations stipulated by Conditions due to force majeure reasons, including natural disasters, wars, civil unrests, disruptions in public communication networks or services, industrial disputes or DDoS attacks and similar cyber-attacks that may have adverse consequences.

    8.2. During the time force majeure conditions prevail, Website activity is considered suspended and a postponement of obligations is enforced for a time equal to the period of duration of the force majeure conditions. Bill.me undertakes to use all possible and available resources to stop the duration of force majeure conditions or attempt to find a solution that will allow Bill.me to perform its obligations regardless of the effects of the force majeure conditions.


    9.1. If any of the Conditions becomes void or illegal or loses its legal validity to any degree, such term, condition or provision will be to a corresponding degree severed from the rest of terms, conditions and definitions, which will retain complete legal validity as provided by law. In such cases the part of Conditions that has been deemed invalid or unenforceable is amended in accordance with the relevant legislation so as to reflect the initial objectives of Bill.me with maximum accuracy.


    10.1. Bill.me reserves the right to amend, edit, update and change any of Conditions due to a number of reasons, including commercial or legal ones (in accordance with new laws or legislative acts), as well as reasons related to servicing Payers and/or Management Companies. The updated Conditions will be available on Website.

    10.2. In case User does not agree to any changes, User can stop using the services provided by Website. Further use of any section of Website after the date of coming into force of the updated Conditions will be automatically considered as agreement and acceptance of the updated Conditions, including, to avoid any doubt, any additions, omissions, changes or other amendments of the identifying information relating to Bill.me, regardless of whether User has received the relevant notification or has read the updated Conditions.