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  • Policy of confidentiality

    1. Using of the website www.bill.me (hereinafter ‘Website’ or ‘Bill.me’) or the facilities and services provided by Website signifies unconditional agreement by the user of Website and/or Payer (hereinafter ‘User’) with the below policy of confidentiality (hereinafter ‘Policy’) and the conditions of personal data processing stated in it. In case of disagreement with said conditions, User must refrain from using Website and its facilities and services.

    2. Bill.me collects and stores only the User’s personal information and/or data necessary for providing its facilities and services.

    3. In terms of this Policy, ‘User’s personal information and/or data’ is taken to mean the following:

    3.1. personal information submitted by User independently when creating an account at the Personal Office or during the process of using Website’s facilities and services, including the personal data of the User;

    3.2. data automatically submitted to Bill.me during the process of using them with the help of software installed in User’s device, including the IP address, information from cookies, information about User’s browser (or any other software used to access the services), the time of access.

    4. User agrees to provide correct, accurate and up-to-date personal data and must not pose as another natural or legal person. User must immediately inform Bill.me of any changes in the data.

    5. By submitting his/her personal data and/or information, User agrees to their being processed in the BLL for the purposes of performing obligations towards User and providing services by Bill.me and/or its partners and likewise agrees to receiving service messages.

    6. The main objective of collecting personal data and/or information is providing secure, unhindered and efficient service that meets the demands of User. User’s personal information and/or data can be used by Bill.me for the following purposes:

    6.1. registration/authorisation of User on Website;

    6.2. identification of a party in agreements and contracts with Management company;

    6.3. providing User with personalised services;

    6.4. operation processing;

    6.5. contacting User, including sending notices, requests and information related to using facilities and offering services;

    6.6. adjusting settings, evaluation and refinement of services and the content, structure and operation of Website and applications;

    6.7. improving the quality of facilities and the ease of using them, developing new facilities and services;

    6.8. conducting statistic and other studies based on anonymous data;

    6.9. execution of target marketing, notification of renewed services and advertisement offers based on User’s personal communication settings.

    7. Bill.me commits to not disclosing data and/or information obtained from User to third parties. Release of information by Bill.me to agents and third parties acting on the basis of an agreement with Bill.me for purposes of performing its obligations towards User is not considered a breach of confidentiality.

    8. Bill.me has the right to release User’s personal information to third parties in the following cases:

    8.1. User has expressed his/her consent to such actions;

    8.2. release of information is necessary to enable User avail of a certain facility or to provide User with a service;

    8.3. release of information is required by the relevant legislation as part of the procedure established by law;

    8.4. such release is taking place as part of sale or other form of business takeover (complete or partial), where the acquirer takes over all obligations of compliance with conditions of Policy regarding the released personal information.

    9. User is at liberty to change (update, expand) the personal information and/or data (or part thereof) submitted by him/her at any moment, using the personal data editing feature

    10. User can likewise delete personal information and/or data submitted by him/her as part of a specific account.

    11. Bill.me, at its discretion, is at liberty (but is not obliged) to view and check any information submitted by User for any purpose. Herewith, User accepts and agrees that Bill.me does not bear any responsibility towards User regarding the abovementioned viewing or checking of information.

    12. Bill.me takes necessary and sufficient organizational and technical steps to protect User’s personal information and/or data from wrongful or accidental access, destruction, alteration, blocking, copying, distribution, as well as other wrongful treatment by third parties.

    13. User undertakes to ensure due circumspection regarding the storing and using of his/her username and password (including, but not exclusively: using licenced antivirus software; using complex combinations of letters and numbers when creating the password; not making a computer or other device with entered username and password available to third parties, etc.).

    14. User takes full responsibility for using Website with his/her personal username and password. Bill.me does not bear any responsibility for any occasion of using Website in this way, including checking what actions are performed by User with his/her account. User must immediately inform the support service of Bill.me of any suspicion of unauthorized use of User’s personal username and password.