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21 Aug, 2018

Moving forward from a traditional paper based payment method to an electronic payment (e-payment) using platform is easy as “one-two-three”! is a unique billing platform that allows you to process your bill payments in the most convenient, simplest and fastest way.

If you are willing to switch to e-payment, but need some help – please, feel free to use these easy-to-follow steps. You do not require any tech skills to use platform. Each section or button is self-explanatory. We can assure you will benefit from an easy-to-use without any doubt!

Please note! All provided information below and screenshots are accurate if you are using PC. There will be changes in the arrangement of graphic details and text layout if you are using Smartphone or Tablet.

1. Register to your Personal Office

To enter your account and to access all your billing information, simply click on the registration link, sent to you by e-mail. The link looks similar to this:

This link will take you to the registration page, looking like this:

Fill-in the required basic information and press “Register”. Please, note, e-mail address associated with your account will be added automatically

2. Make a Payment

You have now entered your “Personal office”. On the Dashboard you can see your unpaid bill(s) (see example image below):

To make your first payment, please, follow these steps:

1) Press “Pay”

2) You can choose “Save card?” and/or “Enable auto payment?”, then press “Continue”.

We suggest you to choose “Save card” option for your later use. This option will eliminate the re-entering information about your payment card and will allow you to make future payment(s) with only one click.

3) Enter your payment card details (see example image below). Press “Pay”.

Congratulations! You have successfully made your first bill e-payment by using platform! If you have paid all your Bills, then there should be no any unpaid bill(s) seen on your Dashboard.

3. Further payments

If you have chosen “Save card” option while making your first payment, then your next payments can be processed with only one click. In case you have decided not to save your card, you will need to enter your payment card details again.

Option 1: Automatic payment

You can enable an “Automatic payment” in the “Wallet” section (see example image below). Simply “Place your card” in the required aisle and turn an automatic payment «on».

Please note! Your payment card details will only by visible in the «Wallet» section if you have previously chosen «Save card» option, while making your first payment.

If you did not choose «Save card» option during your first payment, you won't be able to add an automatic payment for your card (see example image below). Next time you are making a new payment, make sure to «tick» an option «Save card» to keep your card details for later use.

Option 2: Previously used payment methods

We encourage you to use billing platform for your convenience, but in case you still want to process your payments by using a traditional and previously used payment method, feel free to do so - these payment will continue to be accepted.

To view and download your bill(s), please, go to: Dashboard → Unpaid Bills → press “More” (yellow arrow under company’s name) → Download

Communication Block

Communication with service provider(s) or residents is another great and value added service, available on the platform:

You can directly contact the Company that issued the bill(s), by sending them a Direct Message.

You can visit Forum and discuss important topics with other residents and get help, advice or feedback from them.

You can check News section and always be notified about important information happening in the residence you own or live in. team works hard to ensure the best product and services for you! Still have some concerns or questions? Please, do not hesitate to contact our specialist.

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