About the service

Start using the most advanced technologies. Get paid faster.

System integration provides full API integration with accounting software and data collection/ processing systems. Reduces manual processes and optimises the workflow of your business.

Invoicing guarantees accurate invoicing and one-click invoice delivery. To create an invoice, you can use the import from the accounting software or the built-in template editor. Easy and fast invoicing for any business.

Personal Office

The “Personal Office” management system makes the use of the platform simple and effective for every user. Personalisation and broad functionality of the system widen the boundaries of opportunities.

Ready to use

Get started with most efficient solution for your business

Payment receiving

Carried out by card acquiring with the possibility of payments by Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro cards. The funds received are promptly transferred to the account you have specified.

Training and support provides free technical support for you and your customers in 24/7 mode. Carries out training and extended consultations of the personnel of your company for the most effective platform use.


The modern communication section provides constant contact with your customers in a convenient way. Exchange questions and answers with customers using SMS/Chat/E-mail or Message board.

For business

Saving resources and optimising labour-intensive processes
Reducing the risk of errors and the impact of human factor
Full control and accurate planning

For customers

The most up-to-date billing and invoicing system
Time saving and convenient use
Comfortable communication

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