Questions and answers

How to become a user and start receiving payments?

Become a partner of, set your “Personal Office” and start receiving electronic payments.

Is platform suitable for my business? Are there any restrictions on types/sizes of business?

It does not matter in which industry you work — the platform has a wide range of settings and can be used for business of any size.

How technically should be the staff of my company educated to work with is simple and convenient to use, every person with a basic level of computer skills can easily work with the platform.

Is it possible for a customer to use multiple cards for payment?

Yes, the number of cards used for payments is unlimited.

How is the money transferred?

All the money received is promptly transferred to the account you have specified.

How is the process of’ s integration with my accounting program realised?’ s team is responsible for all the necessary actions for full integration.

Are there any restrictions on the number of clients connected to

No, you can use the system for unlimited number of clients.

Is it possible to share access to information for company employees?

Yes, thanks to the flexible settings system it is possible to change the user profile configuration for each employee.