Info Morning by Omniva: Digitalization and Automation of Invoicing

18 Jun, 2018

On June 13th team and more than 100 customers of Omniva (Estonian Post Ltd) have gathered together in Tallinn, Estonia, at the Info Morning “Invoices in 2023” to share knowledge, to discuss the best practices and to explore new trends in invoice management and bill processing system for corporate customers.

Representatives of different business industries had a chance to share their thoughts and professional vision on how new technologies and digital transformation in finance can make invoicing processes easier, faster, more convenient and cost effective.

Digital invoicing (E-Invoicing) has a growing tendency in favour of the old paper and manual based invoice processing. Due to process automation and possible integration with other business systems, E-Invoicing provides better and quicker visibility to detailed information and has a positive impact on the organization’s time and cost savings that goes beyond outsourcing of labour.

Nowadays, digitalization of invoicing is a strategic necessity for majority of goods and services providers, who aim for lower working pressure and seek to provide “one-click” payment solution for their end users.

As one of the most efficient billing process management systems and an experienced practitioner in the field of digital invoicing, represented by Maria Kumel (regional manager of, provided information on the E-Invoicing methods and possibilities of management system, as well as demonstrated insight vision on the importance to start a process to digitize invoices!

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