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26 Jul, 2018

It's no secret that performance of businesses of any size or sector directly depends on how efficiently time and cost resources are managed and used. Whether your business is small or enterprise-level, you need to focus on how to save your time and money. One of the major strategies on how businesses can re-evaluate and improve their cost and time savings is by implementing online invoicing software.

Financial costs saving

Taking into consideration the amount of time, energy, labour force, use of raw materials, transportation and other related costs and resources, needed for each company invoice – it is needless to say that there are plenty of worthy reasons to switch to online invoicing. E-invoicing eliminates unproductive and unnecessary costs, caused by an old-fashioned paper invoicing method, and allows you to focus on the company’s savings and potential growth.

To Be Environmentally Conscious

Besides the financial factors, caused by the paper invoicing, it is also important to remember about our environment and urge to use environment-friendly ways to run our businesses. For your own reference, Paper Calculator (supported by the Environmental Paper Network) allows you to calculate the environmental impacts of your paper. So, you can make your own judgments on: How harmful are your paper consumption for nature? How transitioning to the online invoicing can help you reduce the environmental damage? How can you benefit from reduced costs?

Transparent and Straightforward

Transformation and integration of billing and invoicing processes of the entire business to the new platform may seem very time-consuming, costly and in some cases even unsafe. It is not the case! Online invoicing software in its majority is straightforward, easy to understand, fast to use, and what is the most important – automates the basic actions:

Invoice Creation → Invoice Sending and Delivering → Invoice Payment → Receiving Payments → Manage Real-time Analytics

1. Invoice Creation

2. Invoice Sending and Delivering

3. Invoice Payment

4. Receiving Payments

5. Manage Real-time Analytics

Workflow automation saves time and money and allows the company to concentrate on further growth and development. Key Features:

  • Cloud-based billing process management platform. is based on cloud technology that helps you organize company’s invoicing processes in one place. virtual platform stores and synchronizes your data across multiple devices, allowing you to get an instant access and have a full control of your billing data for 24/7 from any device connected to the Internet.

  • Automation. Create and send invoices with a single click. allows you to automate overdue reminders and make sure you get paid on time.

  • Real-time access to detailed information. You can monitor all the important information from your “Personal Office” and get an instant overview of all invoices, payments and their status.

  • Invoices customization. You can choose either to create invoices by using pre-designed invoice templates or you can raise your company’s brand awareness by creating your own customized and personalized invoice design.

  • Security. The international certificate PCI DSS Level1 and protection systems SSL, 3D Secure, FraudStop provide continuous stability of the service and the necessary safety of your data, guaranteed by Visa and MasterCard

  • Utmost customer support. Using billing platform, you can send your customers custom-made reminders, news, or invite them to join the forum, integrated into the system.

The final choice whether to remain working with old-fashioned paper invoices or to take one step further into the modern and technologically advanced e-invoicing solution – really depends on your company’s priorities, accounting processes and business growth vision. However, make sure you don’t evaluate your business priorities only, but also assess your clients' perspectives. Do you care about their time and money? How easy and convenient your company’s billing and invoicing solution is for them? What about the impact on the environment and making an effort to cleaner Earth? encourages you to keep growing and try new solutions for the best of your business; with consideration of people you work with; and for the best of our environment, we all live in!

For the summarised information on key features and benefits of, please download our presentation or see short video.

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